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Interior Painting

If you require residential home painting services for Adding a fresh coat of paint to your painting project. Darwin house painters Nicholas Karpathios Painting Services can completely transform the interior of your home. But painting shouldn’t be a chore. That's why Nicholas Karpathios Painting Services Darwin NT has simplified the painting experience. With expert painters Darwin NT and quality standards, we can get your job done.


Exterior Painting

Whether you’re updating your exterior to clean it up or looking to get creative with color and embrace new design trends, painting the exterior of your house will ensure it instantly stands out from your neighbors. It also increases the value of your home. 


Nicholas Karpathios Painting Services In Darwin NT Australia
Nicholas Karpathios Painting Services Darwin NT Australia

Home Interior

Whether you’re transforming your home from top to bottom or simply refreshing your current space with a new coat of paint, Nicholas Karpathios Painting Services In Darwin NT has you covered with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Floor And Deck Painting

Over time, timber decks and polished concrete floors naturally lose their protective layer, exposing them to damage from the harsh Darwin Northern Territory weather. Luckily, a good recoat is all that’s needed to restore protection. It is recommended to paint your decks every 1-2 years to keep your outdoor areas looking fresh.

When it comes to staining or painting decks and floors, it’s trickier than you might think to achieve an even layer with consistent colour that provides total protection. But, that’s what we do so call in the experts.

Bathroom Remodeling

without the hassle and expense of renovating!

Get rid of those dated colours in your bathroom with no mess, no expensive plumbing or structural changes! All without the hassle of having countless tradesmen trampling through your home for weeks while not having a bathroom to use.

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